Saturday, December 18, 2010

progressed to step 4

Tonight my sponsor told me she believes I have fully embraced step 3. Step 3 reads: Made a decision to turn our will & our lives over to the care of God.

I was very excited about having progressed & learned as much as I have. I was excited about starting work on step 4. Then I read what step 4 was & I became a bit scared. It's not going to be easy! Step 4 reads: made a searching & fearless inventory of ourselves. OUCH. Now this step is truly frightening. It's a good thing I have decided to turn my life & my will fully over to God, because there is no way I could do this on my own! My sponsor asked me to write a statement about step 3. I wrote it, & although I mean what I wrote with all my heart I feel like it's not a grand enough statement for such a wonderful & amazing thing as step 3!

My statement is:
I have realized that I have to fully turn to God in all things in my life big & small. When I lean on Him everything is easier & is accomplishable. When I try & do anything on my own I kill myself with stress & effort. Although I may be successful for a period of time, ultimately I'm destined to fail on my own. There's nothing He can't handle. There's nothing that is to big or small for Him to help me with. He loves me, He wants to help me. He wants fellowship with me. He knows what my eating triggers are & He's willing to lesson the load on me if I simply throw myself at His feet. God knows what I need every minute. He knows what I will need long before I do & He'll help if I let Him!

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