Thursday, March 22, 2012

loss of control

I'm 3 days into a massive binge and no signs of being being able to stop. Yesterday I blew $49 for lunch & hit multiple drive thru's. A man can get a ton of burgers, chili cheese fries, and coney dogs for $49. I now know Satan is real, he is now selling sweet potato tater tots at Sonic.

The last time I was is the grips of a binge this severe I weighed 182 in July 2006, by November 2006 I weighed 256 pounds. Dear God help me. This is too big for me to bare.

I had just reached my dream weight of the mid 170's in July of 2011, and now I see that number in my rear view mirror getting smaller and smaller as I eat myself farther & farther away.

I'm spending a lot of time in prayer, any additional prayers would be greatly appreciated.

memoirs of a binge eating triathlete


  1. im sending prayers and so know how awful this feels. this disease kills--get to an oa meeting asap! hang in are not alone,xx

  2. Accepting that you have an eating disorder can greatly help. Followed by getting help of a professional who can guide you in creating a healthier plan. Share your problem with family or a trusted friend, keeping a secret can greatly affect your success in overcoming this illness. We all need support from our environment. Goodluck!